Sunday, March 6, 2011

Busy Bee

I have been a busy be this week and have loaded a bunch of new lotion candles, custom jewelry options, and a new line for men.

Since the weather is warming up, I have tried to locate some spring and summer inspired lotion candles. I have created a multitude of scents for the season and also sale samples of all my scents should you want to try any out. My newest scents are Summer Smoothie, Lemonade, Cherry Passion, Banana Split, Gone Bananas, Sage and Citrus, Fun in the Sun, as well as 2 men scents called Cool Dude and Hot Dude.

I have noticed that custom jewelry seems to sale well on Etsy, so I have attempted to jump on the band waggon. I created 3 custom options, 1 for a custom necklace and 2 for custom bracelets. My target market here is as party  favors for my stretchy necklace and bracelets, and hope to get some custom orders for my fringe bracelets too. I will also be adding a custom option for some Cha-Cha bracelets in the near future.

An area that seems to not have much competition in Etsy is products for men. While there are many amazing things on Etsy, most items aregeared toward women. At first I was afraid of making men's jewelry because I thought it might not be that creatively inspiring but I was wrong. I found that the creative challenge with men's jewelry is knowing when to stop. For women jewelry, one can go all out- the possibilities are daunting- I often find myself planning, then taking apart, and planning again. Whereas for men jewelry, simple lines are key and the only issue is what beads or color combinations to use. I found this limitation to be helpful in focusing my creative energy since it has been a while since I have made jewelry items in general.

Anyway, hopefully all these additions help bring in more sales- we'll see...


  1. Smart idea making a line for men! Your newest follower from EBT, welcome.

  2. Welcome to blogging and EBT!

    Keep up the lotions and potions : )

    Your newest follower.

  3. Thanks! I'm happy to be apart of the team. I'll be following you too =)