Monday, March 14, 2011

Blog post schedule

Well since I started this blog I never really had a plan about what I would do with it. I mainly started it because so many people raved about how much extra business they recieve at their Etsy shop as a result of thier blog. So I started the blog thinking, well it could kind of be like a virtual diary about my jewelry that everyone can see. What was I thinking?/! I have never been much of a diary person, so I should have known that I'd never keep up with the blog with that mind set. I decided to join a blog team on Etsy to motivate me to spend more time on my blog. As a result, I spent the week sitting with my blog post open most nights and start typing, then delete, and try again, before I  would finally log off fustrated. 

I decided to ask my blog team members what they do for thier blogs, and recieved many wonderful suggestions. As a teacher I find that planning ahead is very beneficial for me, so when I read a suggestion to make a schedule of what I want to post each day, I had one of those slap yourself on the forehead DUH moments and decided to create a schedule for my blog. Anyhow here is the tentative schedule that I will follow:

Meal time Monday                     A recipe of the week
Tipsy Tuesday                            A business related tip                   
What's new Wednesday             What I am working on this week
How To Thursday                      A little project you can try to make
Funny Friday                              Something funny that has happened this week
Spotlight Saturday                      Putting that spotlight on an Etsy shop

If it all works out this week, this will be my blog schedule. Feel free to leave comments- I love hearing feedback on what you like and what needs to be improved.


  1. Well there you have it, you've figured out what works for you!

  2. Looks good! I like knowing what's coming on what day for blogs that cover a range of topics like this.

  3. Hi there! Just send you a convo and am also your newest follower :)

  4. Sounds fabulous!!! I'm a new follower from the ETsy Texas Craters Team... I look forward to checking in with your blog and what's new each week!!
    Good luck! Looks like you have a fabulous Game plan!!!
    I have a personal blog AND a "business"/crafty blog
    It really opens up more exposure for yourself...

  5. I like the idea of having structure for your blog. Sounds great!

  6. Love this idea! I have a hard time keeping myself on any kind of schedule whatsoever. Good luck! I'm excited to see what you come up with.

  7. Love the schedule! I know for myself it is hard to blog every day!